What we shine a light on will never cast a shadow.
It should not be a question of limits when discussing what is possible.
What shines the brightest will always be your brand.

Eventery in moving images

Of course, some small images are required for what is forgettable to keep everything in your memory. The following video is therefore primarily geared to those who have not yet had any experiences with us. You can look forward to a film which talks about legendary events, brand glossiness in the spotlight, emotions set free and boundaries which have been overcome.


A thousand “Neurothics” in Kitzbühel

The event agency Eventery pulled all the stops for the 110-year anniversary of the hearing-acoustics company Neuroth – from the elegant tent city, to an exciting forum, to a Christmas programme in the mountain landscape of the Kitzbühel Alps.


Set Course for Success with a 4-Wheeler – The Discovery Sport Roadshow.

For the re-launch of the Discovery Sport by Land Rover, the Salzburg event agency Eventery organized an exceptional Roadshow.


One Event, four Target Groups – voestalpine Event Week.

For voestalpine Stahl GmbH, one of the largest industrial companies in Austria, Eventery planned and organized a multi-day event with a total of far more than 10,000 participants.


An Event that Creates Cohesion – 20 Years of Baumit.

For its birthday party, Baumit invited more than 4,000 of its customers from Austria and abroad – Eventery was responsible for the event planning and event organisation.


Event with Show Effect – PIA Summer School.

The commission from Porsche Inter Auto was clearly – an event that defines itself beyond the everyday by the extraordinary and draws the visitors into its orbit.

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Service Agency?

A full programme a la Eventery includes more than just everything which you can expect from an advertising agency. It also means everything is at the highest level. This also includes all actions from the below-the-line segment. In addition, there is of course the complete service which starts by finding the creative concept and ends after implementation in the refinement stage. We will be happy to tell you personally what you can expect in between and in the middle from your future event agency.


Live communication is a multi-sensor marketing tool which Eventery interprets as your event agent agency in its most modern and thereby most effective form, in a customised manner. In this way, it can exceed the effectiveness and intensiveness of traditional marketing tools because there are such highly emotionally charged as well as brand or product-refined spheres of experience. The personal interaction achieved in this way with the target group guarantees memory-generating effects with sustainable prospects.

is it effective?

The “information overload” which is typical for our time frequently results in an inversion of the principle according to which (buying) decisions are made based on sufficient information. Due to the extensive information and incentives, the recipient often gets into a situation in which he is unable to decide. Addressing the target group in a multisensory way turns out to be an alternative which leads to the goal in order to position products, brands and companies in people’s minds in the long term.

Oh those brands!

The following brands have one thing in common: they were at the centre of an event once or several times which was thought up, conceived, designed and implemented by us individually and completely outside the box.