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Office Linz

Linz – A changing industrial city. And we are a reliable partner  to help design your future-oriented events all about industry, culture, and technology.


Every technology creates change. Every change takes time and above all people who sustain and shape it. With Eventery Linz at your side, your industrial events will become a stylish investment in your corporate communications.


In the word of Henry Ford:

“If you want to put a dollar in your company,

you must have another one ready to publicise it.”




Clever concepts for clever minds. Remarkable events made in the heart of Upper Austria.


We combine our expertise and our wealth of experience with the innovative spirit and courage of youth. We have been creating individual event concepts and truly remarkable events following this recipe for over ten years. Whether your goal is fostering customer relations or an ambitious product launch, we work precisely and true to the plan, putting our heart and soul into it.


We build a stable foundation for your visions. See for yourself!


Would you like to get to know us on site? Are you looking for a team that offers “brainstorms” or specific ideas as a foundation you can build on in the long term? Then send us an e-mail or give us a call. Our Eventery team in Linz is waiting to hear from you!


Please contact us:

Office Linz
Steingasse 6a
4020 Linz, Österreich
+43 732-21001-7025

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