Event jobs at Eventery

Make your job an event!

What would it be like if we had a job for you that you would really love? An exciting challenge that you’d never have expected. Precisely because it’s very nature makes it extremely varied and thus unpredictable. You could get just such a job soon at our event agency. As long as you share a few very important qualities and characteristics with us. But first things first!

Thinking outside the box

Eventery is an event agency with locations in Bad Ischl, Salzburg, Vienna and Graz. That’s already saying a great deal, though not everything by a long shot. For example, lots of our clients think we have a strong tendency towards the unusual. Towards things you only find outside the box, when you are both extremely curios and enthusiastic. We think that’s a great compliment. But it’s also something we expect from you, along with flexibility and a strong hands-on approach. These are qualities that are indispensable at an event agency, especially ours. Not to mention personal responsibility, since you might soon be handling exciting projects for national and international clients.

The event agency with a sense of community

However, at our event agency, taking personal responsibility for your own work does not mean being left alone. In fact, with us you’ll be part of a young and passionate team with its own strong spirit. This spirit has been developing over many years, especially from the shared goal of doing our best for each and every client. That means being creative, but still working within the realm of the feasible. Acting unconventionally, yet always thinking economically. Being unpredictable, but nonetheless behaving reliably and loyally. To put it briefly: working in the way that every client of our event agency deserves.

Don’t hesitate to apply

Now it’s up to you what you make of this information about our event agency. Our suggestion would be to send us your application, even if we don’t officially need any new members of staff at the moment, because we are secretly always on the lookout for new people who would be a perfect match for our event agency. That could be you!


So why not send your application now to: office@eventery.com
We look forward to getting to know you!


Event agency welcomes outgoing artists!

The situation is actually very simple: you are one of the best show acts, one of the greatest bands, or just the most extraordinary artists between Lake Constance and Lake Neusiedl or beyond. We, on the other hand, are one of the leading event agencies in the country. The perfect reason to get in touch, person to person, whether to discuss joint opportunities and prospects or just to get to know each other and exchange contact details so we can respond quicker if the need arises.

So send up a flare if…

… you are an acrobat, comedian, stunt artist, band, dancer, DJ, impersonator, magician, double act, ventriloquist, body artist, light or fire artist or whatever. Beat a path to our door if you share our passion for the spectacular and love creating unforgettable, magical moments on the stage. Give us a ring if you want to be part of something exceptional. Bombard us with emails if nothing lies dearer to your heart than touching people’s hearts and flooding every event venue with emotion. Get in touch however you want, but do get in touch. Because it could be the beginning of something truly special.